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When Quality and Safety Matter, We’ve Got You Covered

ProGlass Incorporated:

When quality and safety matter, we’ve got you covered

With many sizes already in stock, along with our ability to handle virtually any custom work you need, your fiberglass product will fit any of your needs. We keep things simple: send us your site drawing and we’ll send you a quote.

The high-quality raw materials we use during fabrication ensure your new fiberglass products are UV-resistant, non-conductive, and able to tolerate extreme temperatures. Steel will warp and rust, wood will rot, and concrete will crack and crumble. Avoid the hassle and expense of reinstalling lids in a few years – choose virtually indestructible fiberglass.

Our fiberglass products are non-conductive. With no need for grounding, you save valuable resources. Job site safety remains a priority with our non-skid surface and lightweight. Reduce workplace injuries and manpower requirements.

Choose quality - choose safety.

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We're here to answer your questions.

We have trench cover specialists and CAD experts on staff to assist you. We are available to review your drawings and recommend products in an easy-to-review quote. Thank you for choosing ProGlass, Inc. We appreciate your business.

Why choose ProGlass Fiberglass Products

Job Site Safety

All-fiberglass products prevent electrical conductivity, are easily installed, flame resistant, offer superior strength, and reduce job site hazards.

Durable & Long Lasting

Our products are constructed to endure extreme weather conditions (-70˚F to 212˚F). Our C-Type fiberglass and resin mix provide excellent resistance to corrosive elements in the surrounding grade.

Superior Strength

We use the highest glass reinforcement content in the industry, and incorporate double layers of 24-ounce woven roving reinforcement cloth for ultimate strength.

Marine Grade Gel-Coat Finish

We finish each product by coating them with one of the industry's finest U.V.-protectant gel coats available, increasing the longevity of your product. The marine grade gel-coat finish even gives 9x the abrasion resistance of non-gel-coated products and is more resistant to string trimmers.

Engineered for Excellence

We incorporate the highest quality materials available today.


Our products are easier to handle for a quick installation, so there's no need for bring out the large machinery equipment.

Easily Stacked & Stored

Many of our products are of compact size, and are generally tapered for nesting, reducing your yard storage requirements.

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